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Invite entrepreneurs to collaborate

Working in a calm environment that, in addition to bringing security, prosperity and prosperity to you, is everyone's dream in their favorite job.

We, as a group of data breeding companies, together with more than 250 creative and hard-working colleagues, offers an environment full of energy, dynamism and vitality that can be x, r, y for people interested in working in the IT industry. Be one. It is considered an ideal environment and the presence of many former people in the business and labor market shows that the group of companies raised, along with all indicators of success, is a university for teaching the tricks of the world of information technology, networking, business intelligence and It is also among the sponsors of startups and domestic products.

Why choose a group of cultivated companies?

The atmosphere governing the diverse activities of this group is dynamic and growing, and at the same time it is law-oriented and management-oriented. Adherence to organizational values and respect for the customer determines our activities before any other principle.

Explicitness and transparency, friendship and intimacy, mutual respect, participation in collective activities and group synergy, teaching and learning, criticism and acceptability are the prominent features of the atmosphere governing the activities of cultivated groups.

To be in one of the companies of the extraordinary group, draw on the expertise and skills of that company and be successful and help others to achieve success.

Communication with universities and scientific centers:

In order to grow and improve its activities, the group of data breeding companies seeks to expand its cooperation with scientific-research centers such as universities, growth centers, start-ups, knowledge-based companies and researchers at home and abroad, and aims to target these collaborations. , As a plan to support startups and entrepreneurs and community experts and with full facilities and equipment of the production platform supports administrative bureaucracy of domestic production.

Such activities can be performed in one of the subgroups of groups that operate.


Candidates to send their request to info@dpco.net.