ADSL Modem

HUAWEI EchoLife MT-882a

adsl modem

Huawei Smartax MT882 modem is a powerful device with dimensions of 28 x 110 x 135 mm, which weighs 190 grams and is offered to the network equipment market. It has the ability to support DHCP server, firewall, and an RJ-11 port for connecting an ADSL line. It also uses a USB port to connect a USB cable and an RJ-45 port for connection of a network cable. This ADSL modem is able to download data at a speed of 8 Mbps and transfer at a speed of 896 Kbps.

Product Features:

Connections: RJ-45 WAN / LAN port, RJ-11 port, USB port

Number of RJ-45 Ethernet ports: one

Number of USB ports: one

adsl modem

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