DPCO / Capabilities / Executive Projects

Field of activitiies:

relying on our companies group core capabilities,  we succeed in implementing various projects which, many of them are considered as Provincial and national projects.

It can be boldly claimed, according to the national projects carried out by this group, few economic companies in the country have such a degree of specialization and working authorities.

Some other important executive records of DP groups:

  • Execution of design, purchase, installation and setting up of project of 4500 access network portals of Kerman Telecommunication Company
  • Execution of design, purchase, installation and commissioning of the project of 3000 access portals and integration of South Khorsan Telecommunication Company
  • Execution of design, purchase, installation and setting up of more than 35,000 access and integration ports in East Azarbaijan, Hamedan, Kurdistan and Bushehr provinces
  • Design, implementation, installation and setting up of billing system, customer service and data center of Infrastructure Telecommunication Company in this project - Infrastructure Telecommunication Company
  • Tehran Province Telecommunication Company Customer Affairs Consolidation and Concentration Plan
  • Optimization of network structure, network security and databases in the data center, Statistics Center of Iran
  • Design and development of economic information correction system for households in the country
  • Measuring the performance of information technology indicators in the country - Iran Information Technology Company
  • Supervise the design and upgrade of Roshd Data Center - Ministry of Education
  •  Monitoring the implementation of Tebyan Internet Data Center
  • Design and implementation of information security management system (ISMS) and provide comprehensive solutions for network and information security in Azerbaijan Regional Electricity Company, Keshavarzi Bank, and Astan Quds Razavi
  • Design, installation and commissioning of network management system (NMS), Sepah Bank of Iran, Maskan Bank of Iran and Infrastructure Telecommunication Company,
  • Design, implementation, installation and commissioning of Network Operations Center (NOC) - Iran Telecommunication Company
  • Preparation and compilation of a comprehensive information technology program in Iran (Takfa 2)
  • Design, installation and commissioning of extensive computer networks in the Summit of Islamic Countries in Tehran - 1997
  • Launching an extensive network of the Presidential Institution (Cabinet Board Network)
  • Design, installation and commissioning of the central data core of Iran, provision of equipment and commissioning of the Internet connection gateway and design, implementation and operation of the national IP network of Iran for Iran Telecommunicati  Company 
  • Design, installation and commissioning of computer and telecommunication networks in organizations such as Raja Passenger Trains Company, Kargaran Welfare Bank, Sepah Bank, Maskan Bank, Saderat Bank, Khuzestan Steel, Ministry of Health and Customs
  • Carrying out major repairs and supplying parts, equipment and materials required for copper cable network and monitoring and optical fiber infrastructure and equipping for Shahid Rajaei  port network
  • Development and completion of fiber optic communication network of the country's infrastructure
  • Carrying out design and implementation of 6509 km fiber optic cable route along with providing complete equipment and requirements for the project from OCDF rock of origin station to OCDF rock of destination station
  • Procurement projects Design, installation and commissioning of equipment ports for network access and integration of telecommunication companies in provinces such as:
    • Kerman province 4500 ports
    • East Azerbaijan Province 5500 ports
    • South Khorasan Province 3000 ports
    • Hamadan province 18000 ports
    • Kurdistan Province 12,000 ports

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