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Data Center solution & Services

More than a decade has passed since the establishment of data centers as the basic infrastructure of small and large public and private organizations in Iran. Many of these collections have already created a data center for their respective organizations. But the increasing development of business and the exponential increase in the volume of information, followed by the need for double processing on them, the need to develop and create centralized or parallel data centers for offices and headquarters has been undeniable.
According to the presence of specialized and professional staff in the DP holding and gaining experience from previous projects, We are now able to provide and perform design, implementation, maintenance and support on all layers of the data center:
  • Physical Infrastructure
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Control and Monitoring Centers (NOC & SOC Monitoring)
  • Managed Services

DP Holding services in the field of data center:

  • Analyzing needs and providing roadmap and defining the projects which comply with roadmap and providing RFP
  • Consultation about infrastructural structures such as Site Selection, Power, Cooling, Physical Access Controls
  • Supervising selection of contractor and its technical and administrative performance
  • Detailed planning of data centers according to technical needs and complying with the most modern technology
  • Designing and implementing high speed data centers
  • Designing data center security master plan according to latest standards with multilayer models.
  • Installing and setting up net-based security devices like Firewall, IPS, Network AntiVirus
  • Designing, installing and setting up storage area networks
  • Supervising, designing, implementing business continuity solution for main data center of tourism bank
  • Creating and setting up data center for Golestan province
  • Creating and setting up data center for Central province
  • Project of procurement, installing and setting up data support center network for Sina Bank
  • Designing, procuring, installing, setting up and supporting data center for the bill issuing center and customers services of Telecommunication Infrastructure Company
  • Optimization of network structure, network security and data bases in the data centers- Statistical Center of Iran
  • ِDesigning, procuring devices, installing and setting up 5 centers for data- growth center of the Ministry of Education
  • Designing, procuring, installing and setting up data center of TCI’s network operation center (NOC)
  • Supervising Tebyan’s Internet Data Center (IDC)
  • Optimizing and upgrading the organization’s network infrastructures, maintaining and supporting network of the Medial Services Insurance Organization
  • Setting up data center for the Central province

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