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Ahmad Bidabadi

احمد بید آبادی

CEO & Senior Vice President


Dr. Ahmad Bidabadi was born in 1954 in Tehran. He is one of the first graduates of Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan, USA. He continued his education in this field until his master's and doctoral degree at the University of California, At the same time, he worked at Intel as a design engineer. His background in the company includes membership in the MDS computer design team with microprocessor technology and membership in the CPU board design team at National as a senior computer design engineer. Also, after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, he abandoned his doctoral studies part-time and returned to the country due to his interest in development, hope and construction, and put all his scientific experiences in the service of the Revolution. In 1980, he was appointed by the Minister of Posts and Telegraphs, Shahid Ghandi, as the director of the computer unit of the Telecom Research Center of Iran. In the same year, Laleh Computer, which was the first personal computer in the country, was  delivered and provided to the professors and experts of the university in the Telecommunication Research Center of Iran in large numbers and with the necessary facilities and access.

Following this research, the new generations of this computer, namely Laleh 16 and 32 bit were produced and used to design and create digital telephone exchanges. 

Also in his scientific record, he teaches at Tehran, Sharif, Shahid Beheshti, Khajeh Nasir and Islamic Azad universities in undergraduate and graduate courses.

Dr. Ahmad Bidabadi in 1988, in order to further develop the ICT industry in the country, established a data Processing company and further established the Enteghale Dadehaye Nedagostare Saba Company  under the Sabant brand, which has been a big step towards entrepreneurship in this field. Appeared.

He is currently the CEO of Enteghale Dadehaye Nedagostare Saba Company (Sabant), the Deputy Managing Director of the DP companies Group, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Informatics Industries Research Company and a member of the Board of Directors of Saba Engineering Company.