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Hubco (supply chain System)

Hubco Network is a new and creative project that electronifies the traditional processes in the field of supply chain (Supply Chain Management) and logistics and business of the country's businesses.Hubco network is currently commercialized and has been used in various power plant industries, various cement industry factories in the country and some factories in other industries and has been welcomed by suppliers of goods in these industries.

The HubCo network provides a set of business tools to users who become members of the network. The tools provided on this network, on the one hand, accelerate and facilitate the processes and activities of the business teams and the procurement of factories needs and consumers, and on the other hand, the speed and accuracy of activities and processes related to the sales area of stores and suppliers. It also guarantees the speed and the procurement of factories/consumers needs.

One of the main electronic services provided on the Hubco network is the possibility of issuing internet inquiries, by which the price inquiries are immediately guided to the suppliers and allow them to announce prices for inquired goods online and thus benefit from this tool as a new sales channel. Also it has the necessary licenses in the field of contracting renewable projects.

The Hubco network does not buy or sell goods. Rather, it is used only as a specialized online information platform. Eectronic tools provided in it are designed and provided in order to gain subscribers' awareness of the market situation.


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