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Outstanding capabilities




1. Strategic management at two levels of firms and parent organizations
2. Policy-making at the national and provincial levels and the development of national development plans
3. Presenting the country's infrastructure plans in the field of communications
4. Manage innovation at the enterprise level and support startups
5. Consulting and implementation in the field of business-IT alignment
6. Business Performance Management
7. Analysis, design and implementation of software systems
8. IT Governance Consulting and Implementation
9. Consulting, design and implementation of information security management systems (ISMS) and related standards such as ISO / IEC 17799 and ISO / IEC 27001
10. Provide comprehensive network management solutions
11. Design and implementation of high-speed Data Center networks
12. Design and implementation of Network Operation Center
13. Analysis, design and implementation of smart product in order to manage telecommunication, tactical and computer networks.
14. Provide DCIM data center infrastructure management solution
15. Design and implementation of DP Billing product in order to perform all billing activities for telecommunication and computer networks
16. Experience and capability in project implementation in the field of IoT on a large scale and nationally.
17. Subscriber management system and function collection (accounting)