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Data Processing group is a corporation consisting of five active companies in various economic sections in IT, communications, oil and gas, trade and industrial production, each bearing long experience and many operations

Also, relying on their core capabilities, they have succeeded in implementing various projects many of which are considered as Provincial and national projects.
It can be boldly claimed, according to the national projects carried out by this group, that few economic companies in the country have had such a degree of specialization and working authorities.
DP Co. Is the first company in this group which to be established in 1988.

The Members corporations in this group are: 

1. Data Processing company 

2. Miad shargh ICT company  

3. Enteghale Dadehaye Neda Gostare Saba( Saba Net high-speed Internet network )

4. Saba engineering company  

5. Tadavom Nour Company

The mission of this group is to increase market share in Iran and other countries of the region utilizing global success experiences and modern management approaches. The companies of this group will be able to create appropriate coverage and support for each other's activities by creating differentiation and focus in the market, and by relying on its basic capacities, they will be able to implement various projects which many of them are national and provincial projects. It can be claimed courageously about miscellaneous projects accomplished by this group that few economic complexes may be found in whole country with such level of specialty and work references and background.

Address: No. 25, Shohada St., North Mirzai Shirazi St. Tehran/Iran 

Postal Code: 1586758113
Phone: +98 21 88553830 _ +98 21 88712451 (10 lines)
Fax: +98 21 88722159
Website address: www.dpco.net

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