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Portable solar energy

Portable solar power system with 100 watt panel

sorar portable2

Equipment and technical specifications of the product:

Solar panel with 100 watts of power and support structure

The main device

Sealed acid battery with a capacity of 28 amps

Charger controller

Input the device to charge the batteries in two ways: a) solar panel b) city electricity

Output of the device to use power Six outputs: a) 4 outputs 12 volts DC b) 2 USB outputs

Accessories bag and accessories

5 watt LED lamp with cable and on / off button on each lamp

City power charger

عکس خبر رونمایی توسعه فیبر نوری

Portable 100 watts

General specifications of the device:

 Product Name: Portable solar generator for nomads Saba Solar model

 Products that absorb solar energy and convert it into electrical energy and then store it and can be used for various electrical applications. This device can be used at home (emergency lights), travel, camps, camps and temporary stops and places and for travelers, relief groups, tourists, farmers, nomads and nomads, ranchers, beekeepers and. . . It has applications.

Other common names of this product are portable solar package, mobile solar system, portable solar package, mobile solar generator, nomadic solar system and ....

  Product capabilities:

 - Ability to provide lighting for 4 LED lamps (with the device) for at least 10 hours

- Standard charging capability of all types of mobile phones and other rechargeable electronic devices with USB port

- Ability to use all custom equipment

- Ability to apply changes and add other functions to the customer's order


عکس خبر رونمایی توسعه فیبر نوری

Portable 10 hours

    Product advantages:

   - With suitable weight and volume for easy transport and installation in any place

   - Completely safe and easy to use

   - Equipped with all required accessories and parts

   - Possibility of charging with solar panel and city electricity

   - Benefit from smart electronic fuse and necessary control keys

   - Beautiful and strong with iron body and scratch-resistant and durable oven paint

   - Has a smart controller with the ability to automatically save when reducing battery storage

   - Has indicators of device status and battery and solar panel

   - 24 months warranty and 10 years after-sales service throughout the country

   - Has a variety of custom equipment

 How to use the product of the main portable solar device:

- Solar panel (solar) with a power of 100 watts with 6 meters of cable for solar system with special connector

- Solar structure set (support base) and connection screws that are installed together with the solar panel in a special bag.

- Five complete lighting sets including (LED lamp with switch with efficiency of more than 80lm / w and 6 meters of cable with special connector

- City electric charger device

- Spare fuses for the device

- Spare parts for the device

 - All spare parts along with the lamp and charger of the device are placed in an equipment bag.

Main device specifications:

The following equipment is located on the device:

• A main on / off switch with a green LED

• Four red LEDs to indicate battery charge

• A green LED to display the battery charge status


عکس خبر رونمایی توسعه فیبر نوری


Front view of the device


عکس خبر رونمایی توسعه فیبر نوری


 The lamps of this system work with direct current (DC) and should not be connected to the mains under any circumstances. Because in this case, they will be damaged and will be out of warranty.

Care in using the product: The product at your disposal is designed to be able to charge one or two mobile phones during the day and also to provide the lighting of the device's mobile lamps during the night, so be sure to be off during the day. Make sure the bulbs and also do not connect more mobile phones to the device.

When for any reason (such as cloudy weather or unsuitable solar position or excessive consumption of the device) the battery is not well charged and only 25% of the LED is on, this means insufficient and low battery storage. In this situation, the device operates intelligently and reduces the consumption of lights so that it can provide longer lighting time. Of course, it is better to provide better support for the device by turning off unnecessary consumers, because despite the smart operation of the device, there is not much time left until the battery is stored and discharged. By draining the battery backup, the system automatically shuts off the lights to protect the battery to prevent over-discharging and serious damage to the battery.

Performance in cloudy weather: On cloudy days, the device produces and stores a small amount of energy, so it is recommended to think about the days before and save the device for these days.

Care in transportation, installation and assembly: Always be careful in all stages of transportation, installation and assembly of the device and its connections.

Prevent excessive device storage: In order to increase the battery life of the device, manage the use of the device in such a way that if possible, the battery storage will not be too low many times.

Do not open the device by unauthorized persons: In no case should the device be opened and repaired by unauthorized and non-specialized persons.

Note that these lamps are intended only for this device and this device also controls only these lamps and never connect another lamp or consumer to the device.

Important Note: Any incorrect and unauthorized use of this system and related equipment or opening the equipment of the device by non-experts, the device is excluded from the warranty coverage.

How to use the device:

After proper installation and proper placement of the solar panel in its place and in the south direction, connect its special cable to the device and turn on the device.

The operation of the device is done with the on / off switch

Then connect each of the lamp sets to the lamp output and then turn the lamps on or off with the switch that is installed on the lamps.

You can also use USB ports to charge mobile phones and tablets.

You can also use the main key of the lamps to turn all the lamps on and off.

Images on the front of the device

Images on the front of the device

Structure fittings:

Structure (support base) consists of 6 pieces of metal structure made of hot-dip galvanized iron sheet in accordance with the standard.


The back of the panel is covered by a metal plate mounted on the solar panel, on which the structures are mounted according to the figure.


عکس خبر ارزیابی دولت الکترونیک

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