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Cactus (CRM) Product

Cactus product, is a customer relationship management (CRM) system based on Business Process Management System (BPMS). This system has been in operation by the Telecommunications Infrastructure Company since 2015, and due to continuous development, the capabilities of this system have reached optimal degree of performance. In this system, more than 32 types of processes have been implemented according to the requirements. Cactus system consists  two parts of customers management and customers portal. Due to the existence of 32 sales and service support processes in this system, various services are provided to subscribers. Subscribers across the country can apply for these services through the Ministry of Communications Infrastructure Company (as an employer). In the customer portal section, subscribers submit their requests with the required details to be reviewed by experts. In addition, each subscriber has the ability to view the history of requests, contracts, reporting, invoices as well as assigned tasks. In the customers management departments, subscriber requests are reviewed by experts and processed according to pre-designed automated processes.

The important features of this section include the following:

 1- Management of services

2- Customer management

3- Management of centers

4- Management of discounts

5- Process management

6- Management of the users of the organization

7- Management of the users' roles 

In addition, the system has the ability to display activity records, display subscriber invoices, display. subscriber contracts and 360-degree subscriber information. In addition to the general reporting menu, a separate reporting system is a subset of customers management. Due to its comprehensiveness, being based on Business Process Management System( BPMS ), Cactus system has a powerful reporting subset as well as the above-mentioned capabilities. It has the capacity to manage any business that is based on customers relationship and is one of the most prominent examples in this field.


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