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Smart controller: DP Smart 110

12 ports model 

مدل 12پورت


  8 ports model

پورت مدل 8

Specifications for SP SMART110:

  • Ability to view the temperature and humidity of the server room as well as each of the racks separately
  • Ability to define the allowable range of temperature and humidity for automatic activation of the alarm
  • Possibility to connect traffic control sensor; Water leak sensor; Power outage sensor; Gas and smoke sensors
  • Ability to define a separate name and ID for each temperature sensor for better memory
  • Ability to use one device to control multiple racks to reduce costs
  • Very easy installation in less than 60 minutes and one year warranty and full support and 5 years after-sales service
  • Ability to connect to a USB port
  • Ability to connect to HDMI port
  • Ability to connect to USB TYPE port B

usb1,2 Interface

حسگر دیجیتال 12 پورت

12-port digital sensor

حسگر فونیکس 12 پورت

 12-port Phoenix sensor

 Sensors used in DP company controllers 

Temperature and humidity sensor AM230 - DHT21

  • This module has an accurate temperature sensor along with a humidity sensor with capacitive technology that is connected to an 8-bit microcontroller
  • This microcontroller ensures high reliability and long-term stability of the module

سنسور دما و رطوبت

The output of this sensor is digital, which transmits humidity and temperature data to the controller through a single-bus communication protocol. Small size, low power consumption and signal transmission distance of up to 20 meters make this module one of the best options for all applications. Uses of this temperature and humidity sensor include air conditioning systems, humidity control systems, meteorological stations, medical and laboratory equipment, control and automation, humidity regulation, testing and monitoring equipment, and home applications.This sensor has high accuracy, long-term stability and automatic calibration capability.

Technical Specifications :

Output signal: Single-bus digital signal

Sensor piece: Capacitive humidity

Workspace: Humidity 0 to 100%, temperature 40 to 80 ° C

Humidity measurement accuracy: 2% tolerance

Temperature measurement accuracy: tolerance 0.5 ° C

Humidity resolution: 0.1%

Temperature resolution: 0.1 ° C

Hysteria: 0.3RH% ±

Stability: 0.5% ± Moisture per year

Response time: 6 seconds

Dimensions: 5.5 * 18 * 14 mm

Magnetic Sensor for Door Position Model MC-51:

The MC-51 Door Magnetic Sensor is a contact magnet sensor that can be installed on a variety of data center doors and racks, with an all-metal waterproof body and a screw terminal for quick installation. 

سنسور مغناطیسی

If the door is closed (2 parts of the sensor are close to each other) connect the sensor output gets connected (short circuit). If the door is open (the two parts of the sensor are spaced apart), the sensor output will be cut off (open connection).

Maximum input voltage 100 volts

Current consumption 0.5 amps

Power consumption 10 watts

Length 32 mm

Width 15 mm

Height 8 mm

Weight 44 grams

Dust and particle sensors:

The GP2Y1010AU0F sensor is a SHARP product and an optical sensor for air quality detection. This sensor is designed to detect the amount of airborne particles. An infrared diode and a phototransistor are diagonally positioned in the sensor so that they can detect light rays emitted by airborne dust particles. This structure is also effective in detecting very small particles in the air, such as cigarette smoke. These sensors are commonly used in air purification systems.

سنسور گرد و خاک

This sensor has a very low operating current (maximum 20 mA and 11 mA normally) and can be powered by up to 7 volts DC. The sensor output is an analog voltage proportional to the concentration of dust and dirt in the air. The sensitivity of the sensor is 0.5 volts for each 0.1 mg of dust per cubic meter. The output terminal of the sensor is a 6-pin connector with a base spacing of 1.5 mm.

Input voltage: V5

Temperature range: minus 10 to 65 degrees Celsius

Sensor type: Optical

Consumption current: maximum mA 20

Pulse width: 0.32 ± 0.02 Ms

Sensitivity: (0.5V (0.1mg / m3)

Type of diagnosis: Dust

Output: Analog

نمونه در دیتا سنتر

MQ-8 hydrogen gas detection sensor:

These sensors are among the MQ sensor series and use small internal heater along with an electrochemical sensor. These sensors are sensitive to a wide range of gases. MQ-8 hydrogen gas sensor  is suitable for measuring the concentration of hydrogen in the air. 

سنسور تشخیص گاز

The sensor is also capable of  condense hydrogen gas from 100ppm to 1000ppm. High sensitivity to hydrogen and low sensitivity to alcohol and fast response are the characteristics of this sensor. This sensor requires 5V voltage and load resistance to start. The output of this sensor is analog. 

In general, "DP SMART 110" can be found in various places such as data centers, sensitive sites and warehouses (such as drug stores, blood bags, etc.), laboratories, cold stores, greenhouses, production halls and  food storage  (such as mushroom, fruit, vegetable, etc.), poultry farms, livestock, and many other special places used that need require environmental, monitoring and special care .

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