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Hoshyar network monitoring

Data Processing company has been operating as one of the leading companies in the field of FAVA in the country since 1988. This company in order to meet the needs of data networks, data centers, telecommunications networks, network management, infrastructure management and operations support, has designed and implemented a completely indigenous system called Hoshyar, relying on the knowledge and ability of local experts. This system (Hoshyar) is used to manage data centers and data communications as well as telecommunication networks, and the purpose of its production is to provide the ability to manage a wide network of network elements.

Hoshyar Network features:

- More than 15 years of experience of local experts in the field of data network management, data centers and telecommunications.

- Design and implementation by a team of in-house specialists

- Product Full-time support by the internal team

- Use of components and secure operating systems

- Capacity of  usage in heterogeneous and non-standard networks

- Customization capability based on customer needs

- Capability of integration with other systems of the organization

- Supporting various network equipment, including standard and non-standard equipment using reverse engineering

High scalability with the help of distributive architecture

- User-friendly interface

- Supporting Persian language and right to left components

- Supporting Solar and Gregorian calendars

Types of Hoshyar network management:

1. Telecommunication network management

3. Data Center Infrastructure Management 

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