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Telecommunication network management

The main goal of telecommunication and data communication companies is to provide modern, diverse and high quality services to customers quickly. Only then will companies be able to survive and make money in a competitive telecommunications market. in addition to preparing and developing service models, these companies create various telecommunication networks in order to achieve the goal mentioned. These tele/data-communications networks are composed of numerous, diverse and complex network elements that enable customers to access the designed services by interacting with each other. In order to increase customer satisfaction and reduce their operating costs, tele/data-communications companies need a framework consisting of systems, processes and structures to be able to exercise the necessary control over existing services, networks and network elements. This control framework is  the network management.

The current network management system is a software for managing large tele/data-communications networks, the purpose of which is to enable the management of a wide net of network elements. Given the vast heterogeneity of networks, this product has the capability of managing such networks in an integrated manner so that the user does not need to have a lot of information of a specific element type when working with it. By providing an example of this centralized and integrated management capability, it enables the managers of the organization to make the necessary decisions in critical situations and in order to increase the quality and efficiency of the network with quick access to the status of the network. In addition, this system has a unique ability to implement and apply these settings in an integrated and centralized manner, which allows the user to apply the necessary changes quickly, accurately and with high quality with the minimum necessary knowledge about the configuration of various elements.

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