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Network switches and their accessories

We provide network switches and accessories

A network switch is a very small piece of hardware that is able to centralize communications between multiple devices and devices on a LAN (Local Area Network).

In the past, before the advent of broadband routers, the use of separate, stand-alone Ethernet switching devices in home networks was very common. But today, Ethernet switches are embedded directly and as part of the memory core inside broadband routers. However, high-end network switches are still used by companies and data centers in many places.

Network switches are capable of supporting almost any type of communication device and device. So that for Ethernet devices, they are able to provide four or eight connections; Switches used in companies can support 32 to 128 connections. In addition, it is possible to connect and connect the switches to each other. This is done under a method called daisy chaining, according to which a greater number of devices and communication devices are gradually added to a LAN.