DPCO / Capabilities / Executive Projects / Information and Cyber Security

Information and Cyber Security:

1. Consulting, designing and implementing information security management system (ISMS) according to ISO27001

2. Performing penetration test and identifying vulnerabilities and providing appropriate solutions for removing the vulnerabilities.

3. Internal auditing, standard series 27000

4. Holding specialized training courses for security

5. Consultation, designing and implementing security operation center (SOC)

6. Designing and assigning PC SOS team and coordination center (CERT/CC/CSIRT)

7. Presenting Consultation, designing and implementing comprehensive solution for network security and information

8. Development of security products in the files of data leak prevention, network access control (NAC), anti-virus and security information events management (SIEM)

9. Presenting consultation, designing and installing Information Security Management System (ISMS) in:

       - National Organization for Civil Registration
       - Organization of Energy Industries
       - KARAJ Municipality
       - Ministry of Sports and Youth
       - Bank Keshavarzi (Agriculture)
       - Astan Guds Razavi (Razavi Holy Shrine)
       - Azarbaijan District Power
       - Tehran Refinery Company (Shahid Tond Guyan)
10. Performing penetration test on Amir Kabir University network and portal and presenting securing solutions for every possible vulnerability
11. Optimizing network structure, network security and data bases of the data center, Statistical Center of Iran
12. Performing penetration test on and presenting securing solutions for data center and software for household economical information collection plan in Statistical Center of Iran
13. Performing penetration test on and presenting securing solutions for SMS Banking software in Bank Keshavarzi of Iran

14. Telecommunication Services (Broadband Internet)