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software systems:

  • Software of managing intelligent communication and telecommunication networks (Suite DP OSS)
  • Software package of customer management (DP Pluto CRM Suite)
  • Subscribers’ services panel
  • Duties management terminal
  • Timing management terminal
  • Service giving terminal
  • Report obtaining terminal
  • Information terminal
  • Trouble shooting answering terminal
  • Report designing terminal
  • Events’ registration and management terminal
  • Duties management software (DP Pluto PTM)
  • Report designing software (DP Pluto report generator)
  • Development of new systems of electronic business (e-business) (B2B, B2C, C2C)
  • Management dashboard (DP Dashboard)
  • Action calculation system (AAA)
  • Data warehouse and business intelligence
  • HubCo price enquiry and supply chain network
  • Designing and implementation of organizational portals
  • Designing, configuring, implementing setting up and supporting BSS systems including national and international billing systems and the whole country intelligent network, customers affairs, data warehousing and income assurance in the billing center and customers services (CCBS) of the Telecommunication Infrastructure Company.
  • Designing, implementing, setting up and supporting CSS systems in the urban, intercity and international fixed telephone switches management charter of the Telecommunication Infrastructure Company.
  • Development of systems and network management interfaces by means of open source devices (MTOSI), Iran Telecommunication Research Center.
  • Internet terminal for object ID registration, Iran Information Technology Organization
  • Designing and implementing the portal of measuring information society of Iran, Information Technology Organization.
  • Designing and developing the country’s households economical information amending system, Statistical Center of Iran
  • Performing consolidation and focus plan of telecommunication plan bases in Tehran’s Telecommunication Company.
  • Designing, configuring, installing, setting up and supporting action calculation system software and customers services for broadband internet customers (ADSL) of the telecommunication companies:

     1. Isfahan Telecommunication Company

   2. Kerman Telecommunication Company

     3. Kurdestan Telecommunication Company

     4. Hormozgan Telecommunication Company

     5. Golestan Telecommunication Company

   6. Dadehay E Neda Gostar Services Company

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