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DPCo DCIM Management Software

The software includes the following modules and capabilities:

  • Model Library

          Description: An enriched library of devices (more than 3,000), commonly used in data centers, from many                               different vendors all around the world

          Capabilities: Add/Edit/Delete items in the model library

  • Asset Management

         Description: List of currently installed devices in the data center (assets)


              - Automatic discovery of assets and network topology

              Add/Edit/Delete assets

             - Batch insert of assets

             - Batch update of assets

             - Import assets from Excel/CSV files

             - Export assets information

             - Configure assets individually or in batch

             - View detailed information of an asset

             - Search for assets based on type, vendor, location, network interfaces, etc.

  • Visualization

          Description: Visualizing the data center in both 2D and 3D views


                - 2D and 3D view of the data center, including: rooms, pods, racks, inrows, UPSs, chillers, dampers, diesel                                 generators, cable trays, etc.

                 - View of assets within racks

                 - Front and back view of assets

                 - View of network and power links/paths and their states

                 - Colored view of items according to user-defined thresholds

                 - 2D and 3D view of temperature and humidity information

                 - 3D view of air flow and temperature in every point within the data center (CFD analysis)

                 - Real time view of assets’ states and alarms

                 - Import/Export data center map from/to CAD/Visio files

  • Power Management

          Description: Online viewing and monitoring of electrical assets in the data center


     Measure input/used/available power for each part of the data center

     - SLD diagrams

  Monitor of voltage/amperage/power for different electrical assets including: Diesel Generators, Power Panels,     UPSs, Batteries, PDPMs, PDUs, etc

   Define thresholds for monitored parameters

 Online view of electrical alarms

  • Cooling Management

            Description: Online viewing and monitoring of cooling assets in the data center


                  - Measure input/used/available cooling capacity for each part of the data center

    Monitor of different cooling assets including: Chillers, Inrows, Humidifiers, Dampers, etc.

  Define thresholds for monitored parameters

  Online view of electrical alarms

  • Network Management

Description: Online viewing and monitoring of assets and the network in the data center


          - Monitor in defferent area including:

                          1. Application (Database, Website, Web-Services, Hypervisors, …)

             2. Network

         3. Devices

 Make use of many different monitoring and management protocols including: SNMP (all versions), WMI, OpcUa, Modbus, ICMP, NetFlow, REST, etc.

        - Short-term and long-term forecasts

     - Define performance indicators and measurements for monitorings

   - Configure thresholds for performance indicators

  - Monitors alarms/events/TCAs within the network

       - Define workflows for handling important alarms

     - Online and offline monitoring reports

       - Define and use default/customized dashboards

     - Send email/SMS for important alarms

       - SLA management

     - Remote access to servers/routers/switches

       - Backup/Restore configurations of network devices

     - Add MIB for new assets

       - Remote execution of commands and scripts on servers/routers/switches

       - Remote update of firmware and OS for network devices

  •  Workflow and Change Management

  Description: Managing change requests and their related workflows, tickets, operators in the data center


          - Define operators, their skills, and time shifts

          - Define tickets and assign them to operators

      - Define workflows for tickets

      - Add descriptions to tickets

        - Monitor states of tickets

      - Distinguish escalated tickets

          - Schedule tickets to be done regularely on daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly periods

        - Make change requests of different kinds in the data center

          Monitor the states of requested changes through their related tickets

          View the history of change events in the data center

          Integrate with 3rd party ticketing systems like Service Desk Plus and Jira

  • Capacity Management

       Description: Monitoring and manageing capacities (space, weight, power, cooling, network, etc.) in the data center


                   Monitor and view supplied/used/available capacities for space, weight, power, cooling, network, etc. in the data       center

  Find suitable location for installing new assets in the data center based on available space, weight, power, cooling, network, etc. capacities

            - Search for capacities using different filters

  • Security Management

- Description: Providing features and capabilities for ensuring secure access to the system


- Add/Edit/Delete users

Add/Edit/Delete roles

Assign roles to users

Audit every single activity in the system

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